Save Cash

Want a new cell phone? Looking to buy a new car? What about books for next semester? Well quit using tobacco and see just how much money you’re burning through each day.

Start today, and watch your savings grow, literally. Some people find it motivating to get a large jar or use it to stack up the savings. Why not give it a try? Here are some tips to get you saving when you quit:

  • Calculate your daily and long-term savings from not buying tobacco products.
  • Set goals for the things you want and deadlines for when you will buy them. Imagine, in two months you could have enough saved for a new video game system.

Now that you have your plan, visualize it!

  • Each day you stay tobacco free, add the savings to your stash, and watch the cash stack up.
  • Each time you crave that cig or dip and resist, drop a quarter into a rainy-day fund, then reward yourself for quitting by splurging on something fun.

For help quitting, contact the Student Health Center or your health care provider today!