Division of Humanities

Education for Life: Where a Humanities Degree Can Take You

Law and Government

Shella Biallas '04 - Foreign Service Office
Foreign Service Officer

“Minoring in Norwegian and taking Scandinavian studies seemed like a good way to connect with my roots, but it turned out by learning about the Norwegian approach to international politics, such as the importance of the UN, I was gaining very important background that a decade later as a diplomat in Norway is the very foundation of my work.”

Non-Profit Organizations

Allie Low '10 - Peace Corps
Peace Corps

“There is no doubt that the holistic education provided by PLU and the Religion Department led me to where I am today—not only by preparing me intellectually to share my skills and talents with the world, but by inciting a global consciousness that encouraged me to use those skills to serve others and the common good at home and abroad.”

Creative Arts & Communication

Kelsey Larson '11 - Managing Editor
Managing Editor

“My PLU Humanities degrees were absolutely essential in securing my current job; I have majors in both English (writing) and Norwegian, so these degrees together made me the perfect candidate. PLU’s emphasis on studying abroad inspired me to spend my junior year in Norway, which increased my passion for the language, culture and people.”


Don Early '00 - Financial Associate
Financial Associate

“PLU prepared me by providing a wide background in Liberal Arts. The skills I learned in studying Ancient Greek and Latin, along with writing research papers on a variety of topics, and taking the stage a couple times in the theatre department, allowed me to pivot to careers I had not considered.”

Graduate Study

Lindsey Web '09 - Food Policy
Food Policy

“Asking questions like ‘is that the way it should be?’ was a hallmark of my PLU experience, especially in my philosophy classes, many of which had a focus on applied ethics. There are a lot of problems in our food system (though it is not all bad!) and the focus on questioning and critical thinking at PLU is one thing that is going to help me solve them.”


Willie Painter '06 - Public Relations
Public Relations

“Every day, I use critical thinking in a multidisciplinary framework to help form my values and decisions. I’ve learned that trust in both my professional and personal life is earned by showing good intentions, sound reasoning, and consistent follow-through.”