Cellen Coakley '07

Major: English
Minor: Norwegian

  • General Manager, Owens & Minor (medical supplies)

“The qualities of leadership and communication are demanded in my current role. As the general manager of a distribution center, I need to be able to communicate a shared vision to my branch office and connect what we do in Oregon to how we influence our overall company.

“People often ask me why I got a degree in English, and I tell them I use it every day. It is amazing how many people in the workforce can’t communicate clearly. It is important for me to be able to send a message and have the reader understand exactly what I am trying to say, and because of my education, I am able to do so.

“PLU prepared me for my career in a lot of ways. The community at PLU was one of the main things that drew me there over other schools. At PLU, everyone feels like part of something bigger than themselves, and because of that, everyone contributes to that community in different ways. Owens & Minor, my current employer, has a culture rooted in team work and the idea that we all play an important role to the success of the company. Living in the Lute community for 4 years, and understanding what it is like to be part of a bigger community, prepared me to be a strong contributor to my work team.”

Cellen Coakley '07 - General Manager