Mariesa Bus '06

Major: English
Minor: Publishing and Printing Arts

  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Broadway Center for the Performing Arts, Tacoma

“Working in the performing arts is fast-paced and challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. There’s nothing like that feeling on opening night of a show, when the audience’s anticipation is palpable and you know that you’ve been a part of making that excitement happen.

Mariesa Bus '06 - Arts Marketing

I chose to work in the non-profit industry because I want to be surrounded by intelligent and creative people who are as passionate about the arts and are as community-focused as I am. There’s no greater reward than getting to collaborate on projects that you care about with a group of people that shares your ideals and interests.”

“As an English major with a Writing emphasis, I suppose you could say that I found my voice when I was at PLU, both as a writer and as an individual. The community I found at PLU among my professors and the lifelong friends I made there continuously keeps me inspired and grounded.”