Marissa Meyer '04

Major: English

  • Author of best-selling novels Cinder and Scarlet

“A career in writing requires a lot of self-motivation, and being able to stay ahead on your deadlines as you work through multiple rounds of revision and editing, and ultimately create the best book you can. In the end, all the work and effort is so worthwhile. I get to do what I love to do, write the stories I’m passionate about, create characters that I love. I feel lucky every day that this is my job.

“My time at PLU, where I earned a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing, provided me with two invaluable skills. First, the ability to take criticism on my writing without taking it personally, and to use that feedback to improve both the story and my abilities as a writer.

“And, second, the ability to produce work consistently. Writing for a school assignment isn’t unlike writing under a publisher’s deadline, and having ‘writer’s block’ is rarely an option. That discipline has transformed into the confidence that I will always be able to write when I put my mind to it.”

Marissa Meyer '04 - Best-selling Author