Patrick Query '99

Major: English

  • Associate Professor of English, U.S. Military Academy, West Point

“West Point wants to generate leaders who are confident, intellectually nimble, and creative. So do I, but more importantly I want human beings who have an abiding sense of wonder, the complexity of the world, and the power of language, and for me the best way to open those things up to cadets is through the study of literature.

“The greatest reward of my job, as well as the greatest challenge, is helping my students find windows of freedom and possibility within a world which for them often seems too confined and too pressurized for the mind to play.

“My time at PLU, and my Humanities education in particular, taught me the value of reflection.

“It provided me with the thoughtful guidance I wanted but also the intellectual space to try out ideas, to make mistakes, and to make my education what I needed it to be. Above all, it taught me always to think of myself and what I do in academics as parts of a matrix of social, spiritual, and ethical concerns.”

Patrick Query '99 - English Professor