Signe Johnson Meinders '11

Major: French
Minors: Printing and Publishing Arts
Study Away: Trinidad and Tobago  

  • Math teacher (“Teacher/market gardener/chicken lady.”)
  • Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Junior High School (Iowa)

“PLU helped hone my ability to think critically which I do on a daily basis as a teacher. In general, PLU really provided a place for me to love education. I loved my classes and the people I worked with. That has carried with me and I continue to look for positions that really align with my passions in life.

“Outside of work, I also continue learning about new things I am interested in. There is never enough time in the day for all the things I want to do!

“I am currently a junior high math teacher. After a lovely 20 minute commute through rolling prairie and farm land, I have a nine period day, teaching eight of those nine and seeing roughly 160 students daily. I teach 7th and 8th graders. Right now we are completing a cribbage unit in between taking our state testing. I learned to play cribbage with all my dear friends at PLU. There are always challenges but it is wonderful to see my students succeed and make sense of the concepts we practice.

“I am going to be starting a new job in the fall teaching Family and Consumer Science. I cannot wait to teach students about food and practical skills that will benefit them outside of school for years to come. I will also be selling produce at our local farmers market this summer and I keep chickens. A day without projects is rare.

“I’m grateful to have had such a positive experience in my undergrad. Even though I am not pursuing something directly aligned to my humanities degree, I don’t feel as if I wasted time at PLU because I was always learning new things that helped make me who I am.”