Josh Hammerling '11

Major: German, English

  • Masters of Media Philosophy, The European Graduate School
  • Masters of Art, The Pacific Northwest College of Art

“Having graduated from PLU in 2011. I have been living in Portland, Oregon, for the past few years, tutoring and working on a documentary about how the recent oil boom in Western North Dakota (my home state) has affected local communities. I am currently finishing a Masters of Media Philosophy at The European Graduate School, and will soon enter the Masters of Art program at The Pacific Northwest College of Art.

Josh Hammerling '11 - Media and Art

“My experiences at PLU prepared me quite well for graduate school. That’s not to say that the process hasn’t been daunting and stressful at times, but I was ready for the challenges in part because the professors at PLU encouraged me to sharpen my critical acumen, not only so that I might become a better student, but also a better citizen of the world. The ability to continually develop and redevelop a discerning, critical stance is essential, regardless of one’s field. Teaching at the college level is my ultimate goal at this point.”