Graham Ojala-Barbour '08

Major: Religion and Spanish
(J.D., University of Minnesota Law School, 2011)

  • Immigration Attorney, Ojala-Barbour Law Firm, St. Paul, Minnesota

“In my work, I am challenged to apply the often restrictive immigration laws of the United States to try to solve the problems of my clients.

“The training in critical analysis and writing that I received as a PLU religion major assists me on a daily basis. Like a good theologian, a good lawyer must interpret the text creatively to make it relevant to people’s lives.

Graham Ojala-Barbour '08 - Attorney

“In addition to providing academic training, PLU’s religion faculty encouraged me to pursue my interests and offered me an opportunity to do so. While a student at PLU, I spoke about the issues facing undocumented immigrants with Religion Professor Sam Torvend, who connected me with a prominent immigration attorney in Minnesota—and this link helped me get started in my career, by providing the opportunity for a fellowship at a non-profit organization doing legal work to help low-income immigrants.”