Claire Smith '12

Major: English and Hispanic Studies

  • Jesuit Volunteer Corps and AmeriCorps Member
  • Emergency Crisis Advocate, Proyecto UNICA, Portland, Ore.
  • Academic Assistant, Pretty Eagle Indian Catholic Academy, St. Xavier, Mont.

“My service year in Portland drew heavily upon my verbal & written communication skills (in English & Spanish) and my knowledge of power, privilege, and systems of oppression. I was tested as an attentive listener, a critical and creative thinker, and an empathetic person. The challenges of working with folks who are in crisis can feel overwhelming at times, but the relationships I have been invited into and the growth I have been witness to are more than enough reward.

“The theory and discourses I was exposed to in both of my majors has provided me with a strong foundation upon which to work against oppression (of immigrants, women, people of color, etc.).”

Claire Smith '12 - AmeriCorps