Suzanne Akerman '03, '04

Major: English
Masters: Education

  • Staff Biologist
  • Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium, Tacoma

“During the course of an average day at the zoo, I might present a live animal show in front of hundreds of spectators, train a bat to hang from my hand, take an aardvark for a walk, and discuss reptile anatomy with five-year-olds.

“To succeed in this position requires a deep-seated desire to connect people with nature, as well as attention to detail, creativity, perseverance and excellent communication skills. Squeamishness is not allowed.

“My work earning a degree from PLU prepared me for a future in this unexpected field in several ways.

“In addition to honing my interpersonal skills, I discovered the power of critical, innovative thought and the value of life-long learning. PLU provided the opportunity for me to experience the exhilaration of pursuing one’s passions!”

Suzanne Akerman '03 - Wildlife Educator