At PLU, Community Engaged Learning (CEL) is a pedagogical model that incorporates classroom learning with local engagement with community partners. CEL courses are deliberately designed to help students integrate classroom and community-based learning through critical reflection, and assessment. In CEL courses, classroom learning strengthens students’ understanding of community concerns and community engagement strengthens students’ understanding of course content. CEL includes service-learning, community-based learning and community-based research.

Community-engaged learning is: a structured learning experience that combines community service or research with explicit learning objectives, preparation, and reflection. Students involved in community-engaged learning are expected not only to provide direct community service or respond to questions generated among community partners, but also to learn about the context in which the service is provided, the connection between service or research and their academic coursework, and their roles as citizens (Seifer, S.; Jacoby, B.).

Course Design Resources for Faculty

CEL Course Design Worksheet
A simple worksheet with prompts to guide your initial planning for a Community Engaged Learning Course

CEL Course Preparation Resources
Readings and videos to prepare for engaging with community partners. How do we view the community? What are the power dynamics? How do we understand our role and engagement?

CCES Community Partner Guide
CCES encourages you to consider working with strong organizations and projects that PLU has ongoing relationships with to increase their impact in our community.

Scaffolding Community Engaged Learning using the 4 E’s




Civic Outcomes for Community Engaged Learning