A Way of Thinking, A Way of Being, A Way to Change the World

The Humanities faculty at Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) are excellent teachers and scholars who model the possibilities of the life of the mind. The Humanities cultivates an intellectual and imaginative connection between a living past, embodied in the diverse array of cultural traditions, and the global challenges of our contemporary world.

The Division of Humanities at PLU invites students to develop critical and flexible minds as part of their becoming persons of commitment, vision, and action in the world. Drawing on the rich traditions of religion, philosophy, languages and literatures, students and faculty work together to explore complex perspectives on a variety of human concerns. Students in the Humanities are encouraged to develop the critical and reflective ability to:

  • embrace complexity and ambiguity;
  • engage other peoples and perspectives;
  • appreciate the living past in the present and future;
  • engage traditions creatively and critically;
  • link theory and practice, and the public with the private;
  • seek connections among diverse cultures and academic disciplines;
  • understand themselves and consider what makes life worth living.

In short, study in Humanities teaches ways of living, thinking, and being in the world. It helps students to situate their beliefs within a wider frame of reference and to understand and critically analyze assumptions, traditions, truths, and histories. Study in the Humanities assists students to seek their responsibility for the quality of the lives they lead. It challenges students to realize the importance of participating in the real world, and to change it for the better.