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Puente a La Salud in Oaxaca

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Camille LaRocca with her internship supervisor and mentor, Eduardo.

Image: Camille LaRocca with her internship supervisor and mentor, Eduardo.

August 9, 2018

Camille LaRocca – Class of 2019
Major: Global Studies with focus on International Development
Oaxaca Semester Fall 2017
Camille interned at Puente a La Salud – Bridge to Health – an organization that educates their community around traditional grains – specifically amaranth. While Camille is interested in pursuing a career in global development and public health, she never imagined she’d become interested in an ancient grain, its health benefits and how it is playing a role in the recovery of indigenous knowledge and culture. Her daily work wasn’t very exciting – mostly filing and paperwork, but she says, “By being immersed in that setting, I learned a lot about their work more generally, was able to learn about basic office work and used excel to support their efforts and also learned how to use Spanish in a business/office setting.”
Camille is now interested in integrating this experience into her capstone research and thinking about how nutrition plays an obvious and important role in health, but also less obviously, how our history and culture relate directly to the health of communities. “My literature and history of Mexico course taught by Literature professor Adela Ramos connected with my internship and helped me see important cultural and social connections. Colonization, U.S. economic dominance and global trends have altered traditional healthy communities and created some health problems in many places around the globe and I saw that specifically through my internship in Oaxaca.” Camille will be applying for the Peace Corps and later plans to pursue a Masters in Public Health. Wherever her vocational and career path goes, her internship filing papers has provided important experience and has opened her mind to new possibilities within her field.