Attention: All Weekly Flyer Requests MUST be submitted by 4pm the Friday before the Monday it’s distributed. No exceptions!

The Weekly Flyer


  • The Weekly Flyer is a colorful collection of informative advertisements from clubs and organizations all over the PLU campus. 90 copies are distributed every Monday to PLU students, faculty, and administration.
  • Weekly Flyer advertisements are limited to on-campus events and organization.
  • Ads are due at 4pm the Friday before the Monday they are distributed
  • Impact DOES NOT ACCEPT Publisher (.pub) and Word (.doc/.docx) documents. Please make sure your ad is saved either as a PDF (.pdf) or JPEG (.jpg) file before you upload it.

If you have questions regarding your Weekly Flyer ad or need to make a change to your ad request (new file, different run dates, etc.), please email

Weekly Flyer Ad Request

Contact Info

Advertisement Specifications

With the Weekly Flyer, all advertisements will be distributed for 7 days (Monday-Monday), rather than the Daily Flyer's 5 days a week.

Please upload pictures/logos that should be in the ad at the "upload" question.

The first date you choose MUST start on a Monday, or you will miss that week's Weekly Flyer.

Please do not upload Microsoft Word documents or Publisher files.
Finalizing Order

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