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Creative Requests

Impact maintains a staff of several designers to offer innovative branding, product design and advertisements. Any advertising channel provided by Impact can also be designed by Impact for a design fee, such as the TV (Digital Display) ad. In some instances, design is included in the price.

Select “Creative Request” if you would like Impact to design: T-shirt graphics, posters, logos, stickers, and digital monitor ads.

NOTE: Impact requires 2 weeks minimum between the request submission date and the proof date.  Requests that do not meet this requirement will be charged a $20 late fee. Impact reserves the right to decline a project should it not meet this requirement.  

When preparing for an event coverage matters.  Impact offers multiple platforms for clients to promote their events.  Just fill out a Creative Request and you can select our TV ads (Digital Display Ads) and UC Table Top ads in addition to your poster design.

Impact manages two (2) tv monitors on campus, located on the first and second floors of the Anderson University Center (AUC).  These monitors have virtually no limit to how many ads can roll—that means even when the boards are full, your ad will still be seen by everyone who passes through!

Digital display ads run all day, every day, and can be in either a video/animated or static format. For the best look we recommend a horizontal orientation formatted to 1920×1080 pixels. 

Want a UC Table Top ad, but need a design? Request a table top ad design through our Creative Request! We will design, print, cut and deliver your ad to Dining Services for you.


NOTE: You must reserve a space on Dining’s calendar before submitting a table top design request.  


Quick Copy Requests

Impact prints pre-designed posters, table top ads, and other printing jobs. Poster packages include priority spacing and distribution on the Impact Boards.

Start a Quick Copy Request if you have a poster that needs to be printed (8.5×11 or 11×17), or would like to print UC Table Top Ads.

Photography & Videography Services

Looking to really stand out? Impact offers promotional and event-coverage video and photo services. Impact can provide a variety of services from a 15 minute photobooth to a 2 minute promotional video.


Distribution operates on the basis of first come, first served.  Posters go up for 2 weeks at a time and boards fill up fast–do not wait until the week before your event to submit your posters as there may not be room.   

As a service to the University’s groups and organization, Impact offers free distribution of posters to the 29 boards we maintain; priority is given to Impact clients. All posters brought to the Impact office are expected to have already been stamped and approved by the Student Engagement front desk workers in AUC 140.

A map of Impact boards can be found here. Distribution Policies can be found here.

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