Why Attend ?

Enhance a practical and meaningful

Culture of Curiosity & Experimentation

to improve understanding of student learning.

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Align sustainable assessment & Northwest Commission Standards:

Mid Cycle Evaluation

Design plans to assess learning outcomes in preparation for a Mid-Cycle evaluation

7-Year Report

Prepare assessment of learning in academic and co-curricular programs

Meaningful and useful assessment of student learning is about meaning-making.   Faculty collaboratively discuss student work and identify areas of strength and weakness to inform future practice.

While learning outcomes, curriculum maps, rubrics, sampling, reliability and validity can help define the direction and boundaries for understanding student learning, it is the shared curiosity faculty share and the conversations around student work that generate meaningful and useful experimentation in curriculum and pedagogy.

At PNLC we utilize the latest educational research (Wabash Center of Inquiry) to drive the direction of our efforts and find ways to bring faculty together across institutions to share challenges and solutions in a mutually beneficial manner.