Clickers (Audience Response Systems)

Instructional Technologies supports Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF LCD clickers, the TurningPoint App (version 8.7) software, and the Turning Technologies Sakai integration. All classroom and meeting room podium computers have the TurningPoint App (version 8.7) software installed. Instructors or presenters interested in using Turning Technologies clickers can reserve and checkout clickers and receivers from the Instructional Desk for a short time.

If you’re planning to use clickers routinely in your class, it’s probably best to consider purchasing clickers for your department or having students purchase them at the Lute Locker.

Clickers can be used with:

  • TurningPoint App – Software for the PC or Mac with full functionality and access to Anywhere Polling, Powerpoint Polling, and Self-Paced Polling.
  • Sakai – Sakai includes an integration tool that you can add to your Sakai course(s) that allows students to register their clicker devices and license codes for use in your class. The integration tool enables instructors to download course participants and upload clicker session data to synchronize with the Sakai Gradebook.

Reserving and Checking Out Clickers

Turning Technologies clickers (ResponseCard RF ID) and USB receiver devices can be checked out from the Instructional Technologies Desk for short intervals. You can make a reservation for clickers via a Help Desk Request at Use the request type “Classrooms / Labs / Meeting Spaces -> Clickers”.

Getting Started with Clickers

For faculty interested in getting started with clickers, view the Using Clickers with the TurningPoint App guide for an overview of key steps in the process. Or schedule an Instructional Technologies consultation via for assistance.

TurningPoint App Software

Classroom and meeting space podium computers have version 8.x of TurningPoint Cloud software already installed. If you’re using a PLU laptop or desktop computer, you can request installation of the software by making a Help Desk Request at Use the request type “Software -> Install / Update”.

If you want to install TurningPoint Cloud on your personal computer, the full version of the software can be accessed from your Turning Technologies account. We recommend using version 8.x of the software for compatibility with PLU classroom and office computers since version 8 presentation files are not backward compatible with version 7.x. So if you are using a Powerpoint file created in version 8 or upgraded to version 8, it will not work in version 7.x. However,  all of your files created in version 7 will work in version 8. So there is no need to re-create files from v. 7 for v.8.

Using Clickers with the TurningPoint App

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