Getting Started with Clickers

admin-ajaxIn the spring of 2016, Turning Technologies rolled out their new clicker software, TurningPoint Cloud, replacing TurningPoint 5.X software. Instructional Technologies upgraded the Turning Technologies Sakai integration on Friday, June 3, 2016 and classroom computers were upgraded to TurningPoint Cloud software v. 7.X.

Below are some key steps for getting started with clickers. A list of what’s new in the software, workshop and training resources, and Frequently Asked Questions are provided below.

1. Check Your USB Receiver

RF Receiver PNGIf you have an older gray USB receiver, upgrade your Turning point USB receiver by contacting Clayton Poston ( at Turning Technologies. If your receiver is white and branded similar the photo to the right, it is compatible with TurningPoint Cloud.

2. Get TurningPoint Cloud Software

Most classroom computers have TurningPoint Cloud software version 7.X already installed. If you’re using a PLU laptop or desktop computer, you can request installation of the software by making a Help Desk Request at Use the request type “Software -> Install / Update”.

You can also download TurningTechnology Lite software, a streamlined version of TurningPoint Cloud, from the Turning Technologies download page. We recommend using version 7.X of the software for compatibility with PLU classroom and office computers since version 8 presentation files are not backward compatible with version 7.X.

3. Add Sakai Clicker Tools to Your Course(s)

If you’d like to import TurningPoint clicker session data into your Sakai course(s), add the Sakai clicker tools to your course(s). See How do I add tools to my course site to integrate with TurningPoint Cloud? for detailed instructions.

4. Initialize Your Turning Account

Unlike TurningPoint version 5 software, you must be registered with a Turning Account to use TurningPoint Cloud. See detailed instructions at How do I initialize my Turning Account?

5. Orient Your Students to Using Clickers

Provide information to your students about:

Get Help

Have questions or need support? Schedule an Instructional Technologies consultation for assistance.

What’s New with TurningPoint Cloud?

If you are familiar with TurningPoint 5, TurningPoint Cloud will come naturally to you. Some of the changes you will see include:

  • FERPA Compliance – Enhanced security to properly safeguard student data. Login passwords and collected data are encrypted. Files (participant lists or session files) are password protected when exported.
  • Required Instructor Registration – All instructors using the software will need to register in the new system. Detailed instructions will be forthcoming.
  • Required Student Registration – All students using clickers will need to register their clickers. Detailed instructions will be forthcoming.
  • Attendance Poll Function – Attendance can be polled multiple times throughout a clicker session.
  • Support for ResponseWare – For use from computers and mobile devices rather than clickers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my students’ clickers purchased before the transition still work with TurningPoint Cloud?

Yes. Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF LCD model clickers are compatible with TurningPoint Cloud software.

Can I use TurningPoint Cloud software without using the Sakai integration tools?

Yes. You can download TurningTechnology Lite software, a streamlined version of TurningPoint Cloud, from the Turning Technologies download page.

Will my current version 5.X software work after June 3, 2016?

Yes, it will work as a standalone, but will not be compatible with the updated Sakai integration and all classroom computers will be updated to TurningPoint Cloud after June 3.

Can I transfer data collected in version 5.X software to the Sakai Gradebook after June 3, 2016?

No. The files and data formats from version 5.X are different from that of TurningPoint Cloud and will not be recognized by the Turning Point Sakai integration after the June 3 transition. Be sure to transfer any data collected in version 5.X that you want to go to the Sakai Gradebook of your course before June 3.

Is TurningPoint version 5.x compatible with Windows 10?


Is TurningPoint version 5.x compatible with Office 2016?