Amy Robbins

Classroom & Events Technology Coordinator

Amy Robbins

Office Hours: Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Schedules, coordinates, and supports the use of instructional technologies by the university community for classrooms and events. Manages the operations of Classroom & Events Services and coordinates activities with other university departments. Trains, schedules, and supervises student technicians. Directs multi-camera video productions for event support. Serves as client relationship/project manager for selected events/projects.


What started as an interest in radio production became a passion for video production when Amy started college; the two classes were bundled together, so she had no choice, she had to take the video production course too.  To her amazement, she liked doing video better than radio.

Fast forward several years and several technical certificates later for video production, when Amy started working at PLU as a Multimedia Coordinator, which is still the majority of her job today.  Currently, Amy schedules events and technicians for events on campus (over 1400 events each year and 35+ technicians), and  she is now the director for all large live production PLU video events. Amy’s dedication to detail, knowledge of equipment and her experience with shooting, editing and directing video allows her to wear many different hats in Instructional Technologies. The skills that Amy and the rest of the Instructional Technologies team bring to the university ensures a professional quality in all the work that they do for PLU!