Strategic Technologies Initiative

A broad-based technology initiative conceived by executive leadership, and advanced by I&TS and University Communications, to increase institutional effectiveness in administrative systems, internal and external communications, and learning environment in support of our core teaching-learning mission.

Organizational Redesign (2009-2011)

An organization make-over in response to three drivers for change: emergence of the AIE Plan, anticipation of the need for increased focus on academic technologies & information access arising from the PLU 2020 initiative, and a series of accumulated internal needs.

Administrative Information Environment (AIE)

The first phase of this initiative began with the formation of the AIE Group in early 2009 to provide executive-level leadership for the AIE, including project priorities and long-term planning. A year later the AIE Plan emerged – a multi-year strategy to increase the university’s ability to recruit students, undertake the work of development and constituent relations, and communicate with targeted audiences both within and outside the university. A major portion of the plan entails deployment of new campus-wide (enterprise) software applications for more effective data-driven decision making and streamlined office workflows through imaging and paperless processes.