Classics Alumni Spotlight

PLU Classics Alumni have done some amazing things!
Check out a few outstanding examples below.
Eric Thienes
Eric Thienes, Classics 2002: Archaeologist in Tuscany, Italy
Lindsey Webb
Lindsey Webb, Classics 2009: Food Policy
Lisa Vlieg
Lisa Vlieg, Classics 2003: Archaeologist, Valley of the Kings, Egypt
Dead Gentlemen Productions logo
Don Early, Classics 2001: Manager at Dead Gentleman Productions and Financial Associate
Katie Hunt
Kathryn Hunt, Classics 2011: Palaeopathologist and TED Fellow 2014

Kathryn Hunt graduated PLU in 2011 with a BA in Classics and Archaeology.  She specialized in Near-Eastern Archaeology, studying under Professor Don Ryan at PLU and participating in his dig in the Valley of the Kings, Egypt.  While there, Katie developed an interest in studying ancient skeletons and learning about the diseases that afflicted men and women in antiquity.  She has since pursued this line of inquiry and become a palaeopathologist, who specializes in studying the cancers of the ancient world.

In 2013 Katie co-founded the Paleo-oncology Research Organization (PRO), which not only studies cancer in the ancient world from the perspectives of archaeology, bioarchaeology, and paleopathology, but also shares its data with research scientists and with the public.

Read more about Katie’s journey in PLU’s magazine, ResoLute!

Classics Careers

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