Jennifer (Berger) Allison graduated from PLU in 1994 with a double-major in German and English. She recently got in touch with her alma mater with this note to Professors Christensen and Jenkins:

“I wanted to let you know that, without German, I would not have attained my current position as a librarian specializing in foreign law at the Harvard Law School Library. Harvard posted my current position in July 2012, in which they were looking for a law librarian with German language skills. At the time I had been a law librarian for five years at Pepperdine Law School (I earned my JD from Pepperdine in 2007, and while I was in law school I studied law as an exchange student at the Juristische Fakultät at the University of Augsburg). It seemed like a perfect fit, and I relished the idea of getting to use German at work on a regular basis.

Fast-forward, and I’m coming up to my one-year anniversary at Harvard, having moved here from California with my husband last December. I use German almost every day at work, and I am the department’s go-to person for German law questions. I have never felt more professionally fulfilled than I do here. None of that would have been possible without my having persevered with German all these years.

By the way, I was also a Fulbright teaching assistant, way back in 1995. I remember that Professor Rodney Swenson provided immeasurable guidance and encouragement to me during the application process. Clearly his legacy has been carried forward at PLU, and I’m so glad about that. The professional value of that experience cannot be understated. I have met two others who also had Fulbright teaching grants in Germany since I’ve been at Harvard (a co-worker and a graduate student). It’s a wonderful group to be a part of.”