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The Nordic Studies program prepares you for living and working in a globalized world by moving you beyond the comfort zone of the culturally familiar into a world of cultures that differ from and parallel your own in surprising ways.

You will engage in study that compares and contrasts the diverse cultures and societies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and the Åland Islands. Courses develop abilities to interpret texts critically, communicate effectively, think creatively and conduct research on the Nordic Region. We address three main areas:

1) Cultural and national identities in times of change. A comparative understanding of the Nordic region in the 21st century is central to this inquiry;

2) Representations of the human experiences of conflict, displacement and social injustice;

3) Ways to critically interpret authority based on gender, class, race, sexual orientation, regional identity, or ethnicity.

With the exception of Norwegian language courses, all courses are taught in English.

Our major in Nordic Studies (36 credits) focuses primarily on contemporary issues such as migration, Indigenous peoples, cinematic representation of Norden and literature of social criticism. A selection of courses in culture, history, literature and film prepares you for this study.

Our minor in Norwegian (20 credits) focuses on proficiency in Norwegian language. It also requires the selection of one additional course on the Nordic region.

Both the major and minor are easily combined with other majors or minors, offering valuable study as you look toward working in a world that increasingly requires us all to have experience in a global setting.

Exciting opportunities for study away are part of this major or minor! PLU offers two Gateway programs in Norway, one in Oslo and one in Telemark, with a wide variety of study lines including conflict and peace, literature and regional culture, alpine ecology, business and kinesiology. Students are encouraged to consider study on one of these programs or others in the Nordic region.

We invite you to explore the information on this website and to feel free to contact the faculty of the program: Troy Storfjell storfjta@plu.edu. Jason Schroeder schroejm@plu.edu, and Collin Brown browncl@plu.edu.

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