Who are we? What are we about?

Shadows and Echoes, New Series is a multidisciplinary journal of translation published annually by the Department of Languages and Literature at Pacific Lutheran University. Begun in 2003 as journal devoted to the impossible craft of literary translation, the original series published (1) brief literary translations accompanied by the original text, (2) brief articles, notes, and comments in English on problems of literary translation, and (3) occasional reviews of books and journals about the theory or practice of literary translation.

The new series provides a platform work for faculty, students, and the PLU community to reflect thoughtfully on their engagement with all aspects of translation, broadly understood: literary translation; cultural translation; translation in the visual and plastic arts; translation across the printed word and film. We invite submissions from any discipline or perspective that considers the process and product of translating form or content from one context to another, with all the inherent gains and losses entailed.


The ideal reader of Shadows and Echoes, New Series is intensely interested in the interplay of multiple cultures, particularly but not exclusively those of different linguistic traditions. Contributors will share this interest in cultural inquiry. We welcome literary translations with or without explanatory essays, essays on the nature or process of translation, book reviews and critiques of translations, and always, experiments in translation.

How to submit an article

The editors invite submissions of translations of literary texts (accompanied by the original) from or into Catalan, Chinese, French, German, Classical Greek, Latin, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Spanish. The editors welcome brief articles, notes, comments, or reviews pertaining to literary translation.

Manuscripts for consideration should be submitted to the Editors of Shadows and Echoes. The writer’s name should appear only on the cover letter, not on the copy. Manuscripts should be a maximum of 1000 words in length, double-spaced, and should conform to the latest MLA-style guidelines. Shadows and Echoes publishes articles in English.

Authors are responsible for checking the accuracy of all references and for ensuring that complete information is provided in the Works Cited list for all sources referenced in the text. In addition, translators are responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder.


Deadlines for new editions of the journal are announced regularly.  Addresses for submissions are to be sent to one of the following Board members:

Dr. Tyler T. Travillian, Classics
Dr. Adela Ramos, English
Dr. Christian Gerzso, English

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