Frequently Asked Questions

Learning Is ForEver - The Basics

What is LIFE?

LIFE is an abbreviation for Learning Is ForEver, a continuing education program for active retirees.

Imagine a school without grades or tests.  A place where the only prerequisites are an active mind and a desire to learn in a congenial atmosphere.  Fill the classrooms with dedicated students of retirement age.  They are a community of learners who design their own classes according to their own needs and interests, people whose common bonds are intellectual curiosity and the experience of their generation.  They share opinions, knowledge, and expertise with humor, creativity and mutual respect.

Where is LIFE located?

Learning Is ForEver offers classes to residents of beautiful Pierce County, Washington, which is located in the South Puget Sound area.

What is the Road Scholar Institute Network?

Road Scholar Institute Network is a voluntary association of over 400 Lifelong Learning Institutes (LLI’s)- previously called Elderhostel Institute Network.

An LLI is a community-based organization of retirement age people dedicated to meeting the educational interests of its members.  Although every LLI is unique and independent, most LLI’s are sponsored by a college or university.  Each LLI provides unique, non-credit academic programs developed by the members themselves, and have an open membership for all enthusiastic retirement age learners regardless of previous education.   In addition, most LLI’s are governed by their own members, and have members leading some of the academic coursework in lieu of professional faculty.

On the Road Scholar website, you will find information for individuals to travel and study a topic for several days, conversely an LLI is an “at home” program that offer classes that last just a few hours.

How is Learning Is ForEver affiliated with Pacific Lutheran University?

Pacific Lutheran University, located near Tacoma, WA, offers assistance to LIFE as a community outreach program under the Office of Graduate Programs and Continuing Education.

PLU graciously offers LIFE use of their print shop, website training, campus facilities, as well as their accounting and finance department.  We frequently ask PLU’s faculty to present lectures as part of our class programs.

In response to the college’s generosity, we offer our classes without charge, to any current PLU student, staff or faculty.

How often are classes offered?

During the school year, Learning Is ForEver generally offers eight to ten classes per quarter.

Each class will run between 1 1/2 to 2 hours in length.

What are the fees to participate?

Learning Is ForEver fees are $15.00 per class.  Most LIFE offerings allow for payment at the door (cash or check).

LIFE - Registration Process

How do I find out about LIFE’s classes?

Contact LIFE’s Program Coordinator, Laura Stewart.  She will have a class brochure sent to you by United States Postal Service or email.


We mail our class brochure in the months of August, December and March.  If you wish to receive these mailings automatically, submit your information to Laura, or one of the class facilitators, and you will be added to the corresponding list.

How do I register for a class?

In the quarterly class brochure, you will find descriptions of the classes offered for that quarter.  It is our preference to ask our members to pre-register, so our class instructors can be properly prepared, however, you may register at the door, as space is available.

In each brochure, you will find a registration form.  Fill out the form, indicating which classes you wish to participate, enclose it with your check (made out to PLU/LIFE) and mail it to:

Learning Is ForEver
2504 – 92nd St E.
Tacoma, WA 98445.

May I bring friends? Must they pre-register?

Yes, by all means, invite a friend to join you in a class!

You may include them on your registration form, or simply pay the class fee at the door.

If they wish to take additional classes, they can be added to our mailing list.

NOTE:  If the class description indicates there is a class size limit, contact the class facilitator to find out if there is space for your friend.

Will you keep my information private?


We will not share your name, address, phone, or email address with anyone.

If I miss a class for which I am pre-registered, may the fees transfer to a later class?

Yes, your class fee may be applied to a class later in the school year.

Or you may ask someone attend in your place.

See our policy pages for details.

How Do I Contact LIFE?

Who can I contact to ask a question about a class?

You may call or email the Class Facilitator (listed in the brochure) for details about each specific class.

Or you may contact our LIFE Program Coordinator, Laura Stewart – 253-241-4166 /

If I have a speaker or topic I’d like to suggest?

The Program Committee welcomes ideas for future classes.

This committee, made up of six LIFE members, meets on a monthly basis with the Program Coordinator, to brainstorm future classes-

Gene Giannoble, Bette Catlin, Lynn Gracey, Margie Hoffman, Barbara Pick, and Marilee Titus.

These individuals are listed in the quarterly class brochures as Class Facilitators.