L.I.F.E. Policy on Missing a Class for Which Fees Have Been Paid

L.I.F.E. uses a pre-registration method for registering for classes. All class fees and quarterly administrative fees are deposited into a Pacific Lutheran University account, thus it is difficult to make reimbursements when students are unable to attend a class. The Council has decided to establish the following policy regarding those who miss a class.

  • If a L.I.F.E. member has paid their quarterly administrative fee and is unable to attend a class during Fall or Winter Terms the member may transfer that class fee to another class during the same term or the next term. If a member is unable to attend a class during Spring Term they are asked to have another person attend the class.
  • The member is always permitted to ask another person (member or non-member) to attend the class in his/her place.

Some classes fees include pre-paid bus rental (example: bus tour of Port of Tacoma) or the cost of meals. Generally reimbursements cannot be made since these services are often paid in advance based on registrations. In these cases it is recommended that the member find someone to take his/her place.