Water and the Development of Human Civilization: Some Perspective

Speaker(s): Professor Terje Tvedt
Date: February 24, 2012 11:15am – 12:20pm
Location: Chris Knutzen Hall, University Center, Pacific Lutheran University


The 2012 Thor Heyerdahl International Keynote Speech

20120224-terje-tvedtSpeaker: Professor Terje Tvedt is a professor at the Center for Development Studies at the University of Bergen and a Professor II at the Centre for Development and Environment at the University of Oslo. His participation in the symposium is presented in cooperation with and through the generous sponsorship of the Thor Heyerdahl Institute of Larvik, Norway.

Tvedt is widely known in Norway for his television series A journey in the History of Water and A Journey in the Future of Water, which were also shown in the U.S. on National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. His work emphasizes the importance of raising people’s awareness and knowledge of the Earth’s water supplies, water as a source of conflict and water as a vital resource in the struggle against poverty.

Among his many awards, Tvedt received the Outstanding Communication of Research Prize in 2005 from the Research Council of Norway.