Raphael Lemkin Awards Presentation and Lecture by Deborah Lipstadt

Speaker(s): Deborah Lipstadt
Date: March 14, 2013 7:15pm – 9:00pm
Location: Lagerquist Hall, Mary Baker Russell Music Center, Pacific Lutheran University


Deborah Lipstadt, the Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University will be the Keynote Speaker.

Deborah Lipstadt,  the Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish and Holocaust Studies at Emory University, completed her PhD at Brandeis University and published her first book, Beyond Belief: The American Press and the Coming of the Holocaust, in 1986. Her second book, Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory (1993), put her on a collision course with David Irving, a self-taught British historian who protested being called a right wing extremist and Holocaust denier. Irving sued for libel in a London court, resulting in a resounding defeat for him and other Holocaust deniers and a complete victory for Lipstadt. Her third book, History on Trial: My Day in Court with David Irving (2005),describes the process by which Irving’s denial of the Holocaust was judged a perversion of history. (Note that Christopher Browning, formerly at PLU, was one of three historians whose testimony buttressed Lipstadt’s case at trial.) Most recently, Lipstadt has written a fourth book, The Eichmann Trial (2011). Her teaching career included stints at the University of Washington and UCLA before her appointment at Emory, where she now is also the Director of the Rabbi Donald A. Tam Institute for Jewish Studies.

Special thanks to Connelly Law Offices for their sponsorship of this year’s Raphael Lemkin Lecture.