How to create your own website redirect in 10 easy steps

So you want to create a shorter url to your page so it looks more like rather than Well you’re in luck, here’s a quick guide on how you can do it in WordPress.

  1. Login to WordPress and head to the Pages section on your dashboard.
  2. Select Add New to create a new page.
  3. Set the title of this new page by clicking in the Enter title here text box (You should set this to the same name as your target page).
  4. Once you enter a page title and click outside of the text box you should see a Permalink line show up right below. You’ll want to click on the edit button. Now you can enter your own url ending for this redirect. (e.g. “myshorturl”).
    • Note: You must use lowercase characters and omit any spaces (we recommend using dashes ‘-‘ instead)
  5. Next, make sure you’re in the Visual Composer.
    • Note: If you see an empty text box (wysiwyg editor) then click the blue button that says “BACKEND EDITOR”. What you want to are buttons that say “Add Element”, “Add row”, and “Templates”
  6. Once you’re in the Visual Composer then you want to select Add Element. This will bring up the grid of available elements.
  7. Select the Redirect element
  8. Copy/Paste or type in the page you want to redirect to.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Click the blue Publish button (should be to your right).