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How to reset the Google Spreadsheets 2 Connector in FormAssembly

How to reset the Google Spreadsheets 2 Connector in FormAssembly

This purpose of this guide is to assist you in re-authenticating the Google Spreadsheets connector in FormAssembly. This may be useful in instances where the connection from FormAssembly to Google is experiencing issues.

Confirming the Connector setup

  1. Login to FormAssembly by going to forms.plu.edu
  2. Select the form you want to work on by clicking its title from the left-hand side
  3. Head to the Connectors tab over on the right-hand side
  4. Find the connector labeled Google Spreadsheets 2 and make sure it is in the POST-SUBMIT (green) area. If it is not then drag/drop the connector into that section.

Configuring the Connector

  1. Click the Configure button on the connector
    • Note: If you end up with a blank page after clicking the Configure button on the connector, first attempt to reload the page. If the page still does not load properly then go back to the Connectors page and delete the Google Spreadsheets 2 connector by clicking the ‘x’ in the top-right of the connector. Then drag/drop a new Google Spreadsheets 2 connector from list of connectors below into the POST-SUBMIT section.
  2. For Step 1 – Grant Access to Google Apps make sure you’re logged into Google Drive/Docs with the a departmental Gmail account (e.g. marcom@plu.edu) as the connector associates with whichever Gmail account is currently logged in at the moment. You can confirm the account it will associate with by checking the top-right corner on the grant access page.
    • Note: If you are asked to Copy Credentials do not do so. Instead click Click here to grant FormAssembly new access rights to your Google Drive account.
  3. In Step 2 – Choose a Google Spreadsheet to connect to, if this is a newly configured form, select the option to let FormAssembly create a new form in Google Spreadsheets for you. If you are resetting the connector then select the option for Select a spreadsheet to be updated then select your previously connected spreadsheet from the dropdown menu.
  4. Set the Run Mode to Enabled
  5. Click Apply

You can test your configuration by submitting a response to your form. (It may take up to several minutes for a response to process and make its way to the Google Spreadsheet)