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How to update the Google Spreadsheet Connector in FormAssembly

How to update the Google Spreadsheet Connector in FormAssembly

Setting up the Connector

  • Login to FormAssembly
  • Select the form you want to work on by clicking its title from the left-hand side
  • Head to the Connectors tab over on the right-hand side
  • Find the new connector labeled Google Spreadsheets 2 and drag/drop that into the POST-SUBMIT (green) area
  • Locate the old connector labeled Google Spreadsheets (deprecated) and click the ‘x’ to remove it

Configuring the Connector

  • Click the Configure button on the connector *
  • For Step 1 – Grant Access to Google Apps make sure you’re logged into Google Drive/Docs with the a departmental Gmail account (e.g. marcom@plu.edu) as the connector associates with whichever Gmail account is currently logged in at the moment. You can confirm the account it will associate with by checking the top-right corner on the grant access page. *
  • In Step 2 – Choose a Google Spreadsheet to connect to select the option to let FormAssembly create a new form in Google Spreadsheets for you
  • Set the Run Mode to Enabled
  • Click Apply

You can test your configuration by submitting a response to your form. (It may take up to several minutes for a response to process and make its way to the Google Spreadsheet)

* Note: If you are asked to Copy Credentials do not do so. Instead click Click here to grant FormAssembly new access rights to your Google Drive account.