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Web redesign moves to initial implementation

A university-wide redesign and rebuild of academic and administrative Web sites began to roll out in March, after months in development. The Division of the Humanities served as the “beta test site” of the new design, content development and implementation project. The Humanities home page, the English site and the Philosophy site were posted initially, and other Humanities pages soon followed.

“It did take some training to build the sites, but we had the support we needed to accomplish that with out too much effort,” said Tracy Williamson, assistant to the dean of the Humanities. “Once the pages are up they are easy to maintain and have many new features we like, including an expiration date on posted items.”

On the academic side, an implementation queue has been established by the provost with the divisions of Social Sciences and Natural Sciences next in line.

Administrative sites now under development include those in Student Life, the Office of Development and the Provost’s Office.

Specialized sites such as the admission pages are also currently under redevelopment.

Other sites will follow. Full implementation could take until fall.

The redesign includes a new, consistent visual identity across departments, enhanced copy and photo presentation and a new template-based content management system (CMS) that makes the creation and maintenance of sites easier than ever before.

“A balanced partnership between the Web Team and the university’s many Web site owners is a critical element in making this rebuild and redesign possible,” said Chris Ferguson, associate provost for Information and Technology Services.

“Our approach trains participating department staff in the use of the new CMS, acquaints the Web Team with the immediate and longer-term needs of the departments and establishes rich relationships for future training, transitions in responsibilities, technical support and identification of future projects,” he said.

For more information visit the Web Redesign site at

The Web redesign and rebuild project is a collaboration between University Communications and the Digital Media Center, a unit of Information & Technology Services. General questions about the process can be sent to Specific questions regarding content development, including writing and photography, can be sent to Barbara Clements at Technical questions or requests for project status reports and development timelines can be directed to Layne Nordgren at Proposals for new Web development projects may be submitted to either Layne Nordgren (above) or Toby Beal at