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T-stad: One big, happy family

From his perch on the seventh floor of Tingelstad Hall, Adam Whistler can view the expanse of lower campus from PLU’s largest and tallest hall.

Whistler, a freshman considering a major in physics, said that while T-stad, as it’s known on campus, wasn’t his first choice, his is very glad that’s where he ended up. What’s not to like?

With about 360 residents and nine floors, it’s the largest dorm on campus, both in size and number of students. Whistler says there’s enough variety of students that it quickly becomes a mini-community you can count on.

“It’s a very exciting hall to be in,” said Whistler. “There are lots of different types of people there, and easy to meet friends of friends. There’s lots of flexibility, and everyone chills with everyone else.”

Other cool things about Tingelstad:  Spiral staircases join together two floors to create smaller “house” communities of 90 residents. Each house has its own spacious lounges and kitchens, where residents enjoy hanging out. Plus it’s located directly across the street from the only fenced and gated parking lot on campus.

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