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Chinese program receives grant

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Chinese Studies program receives grant

The university has received a $200,000 grant from the Freeman Foundation to continue work begun in 2002, when it gave $786,000 to broaden and strengthen the PLU Chinese Studies Program and enrich Chinese studies in local elementary and high schools.“The follow-up grant competition was by invitation only, indicating that PLU was among the most successful of the 84 institutions that shared the original $100 million from the foundation,” said Greg Youtz, primary author of the grant and a member of the Chinese Studies Committee.

“We are enormously pleased to have been funded for the second round and are excited to continue our work begun six years ago.”

With a match from the university, the grant will provide $300,000 over three years for Chinese studies education for PLU faculty and local-area high school teachers, continue the enhancement of China-based curriculum in classrooms, and support China workshops here and travel tours to China.

The funding will also support scholarships for PLU students who study in China and for public programming on China in the South Sound.

“We hope to increase the number of PLU faculty and local area teachers who have expertise on China and who develop research and curricula on China,” Youtz said.

“We will also develop new school exchanges between high schools in the area and Chinese high schools and strengthen the understanding of Chinese language, culture and strategic importance in the modern world.”

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