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MBA student finds challenges in PLU program

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MBA student says program gives him flexibility and challenges in “real time”.

“One might say that Bryan Hopkins has received his masters in world travels already after working at Intel Corp. research and development site in DuPont, WA.

His job as a project development manager for server platforms at the research and development site has allowed him to travel extensively in the Far East, including trips to China, Taiwan, Malaysia, as well as trips to Europe and Africa.

And although Hopkins, 40, has two degrees – one in mathematics and another in electrical engineering, he has enrolled in the MBA program at PLU, and plans to finish up his masters, with an emphasis in technology and innovation sometime in 2010.

“I started an MBA program 10 years ago,” he said while on break at the DuPont plant. “But my travel in my job didn’t allow me to continue it.”

So he started the MBA at PLU because of its flexible classes. Since he’s been in the program, he’s come to appreciate the interactive environment, guest speakers and flexible schedule – after all, aside from his job, Hopkins has two eight-month-old twins – one boy and one girl – keep his wife busy at their Tacoma, Wa home.

“The curriculum is in real time,” he said. “As a manager, this program relates exactly to what I’m doing in the field. It helps me with my growth as a manager and my effectiveness.”

His hobbies when he’s not working, traveling or finishing up his studies? Working at his church, skiing, and time with the kids of course.

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