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9 a.m. – Assistant Principal Heinen’s office

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9 a.m. – Assistant Principal Heinen’s office

Tad Heinen ’96 spends plenty of his time disciplining students. That’s part of the job. Not the part he enjoys, but he sees himself as what troubled students need to get through another year. Although many students have heard his message over and over again, for many, it just hasn’t clicked yet.“We don’t want you to go down the wrong path,” he tells those students.

In his office, Heinen tries to display pieces of his personality. There’s half of an old engine piston on his desk acting as a pencil-and-pen holder. It came from his father’s automotive shop. It had been his grandfather’s before that, but his father always told him he did that work so Heinen wouldn’t have to.

He shares the story with the students, if they ask.

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