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Oil Literacy panel

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Oil Literacy panel

After the screening of “Oil Literacy” there will be a panel discussion with these guest panelists answering questions and talking about the literacy of oil.

Diana Gibson, Research Director for the Parkland Institute

Gibson is a Canadian researcher for a think-tank in Edmonton that seeks to study the economic and social implications surrounding oil sands development and production. She is featured in the film.

Matthew Johnson, Media Education Specialist for Media Awareness Network

Johnson works for a media literacy organization based out of Ottawa. He is featured in the film, and will discuss the issue from the lens of media consumption and coverage of oil in the media.

Jessica Wilson, Communications Director for Greenpeace Canada (Vancouver)

Wilson is an environmentalist who works intimately with anti-tar sands campaigns for Greenpeace Canada. Although she is not featured in the film, she was the key contact who helped the filmmakers get in touch with Mike Hudema, the Greenpeace environmentalist featured in the film.

Daniel Schwartz, Ph.D., University of Washington

Schwartz is a science professor at the UW, and teaches chemical engineering courses. He has researched fuel cells and energy technologies.

Frank Holmes, Western States Petroleum Association

Holmes is the Manager for the Northwest Regional office of WSPA, which is an advocacy organization for the oil industry. He will speak to the industry perspective.

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