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Pacific Lutheran School of Nursing: Celebrating 60 Years

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Book project gives voice to the past

The memories of 60 years of the School of Nursing are being brought together for a book, being released this fall. The book examines the history of the school, the people who make up its pulse and personal perspectives from alumni.

In it, the journey of a growing institution is captured and the memories of the people who are called to lives of care and service are recalled. The School of Nursing has alumni that serve in all corners of the world, from our local communities to the far reaches of impoverished nations. Alums serve in our military, our hospitals and our fire stations.

For six decades PLU nursing alums have held true to the PLU mission of leading lives of service. The project has been a collaborative effort by Terry Miller – dean of the School of Nursing, Shirley Aikin ’71 – former faculty member, Margaret Ellickson ’59, Claudia Riiff-Finseth ’77 and Haley Miller ’13.

Pacific Lutheran School of Nursing: Celebrating 60 Years will be available to purchase – for the first time – through the School of Nursing during the Homecoming Celebration Oct. 14-16.

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