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President Loren J. Anderson

President Loren J. Anderson gives his 20th and final state of the university address before faculty and staff Wednesday, Aug. 31 in Olson Auditorium. (Photo by John Froschauer)

The State of PLU

By Chris Albert

During PLU’s Fall Conference, President Loren J. Anderson gave his 20th and final state of the university address on Aug. 31 in Olson Auditorium.

Before PLU faculty and staff, he reflected on a year of achievement, the “Epic Moments” of the past year and the future  endeavors taking shape at PLU, as well as personal reflections on two decades as president of the university.

“My task this morning is to report to you on the state of the university, and, in this my 20th such address to you, I will argue that the ship of state is strong, indeed, remarkably strong given the currents and stresses that are buffeting all of higher education,” Anderson said, as he addressed the crowd. “The last 12 months, I will contend, have been a time of significant progress, marked by epic moments that will have long-term impact.”

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