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President Loren J. Anderson
President Loren J. Anderson will be the Spring Commencement speaker. (Photo by John Froschauer)

A final address

In his 20th and final year as Pacific Lutheran University’s President, Loren J. Anderson will give the Spring Commencement keynote address Sunday, May 27 at the Tacoma Dome.

For 20 years, Anderson’s leadership has guided the university through a series of community-based, long-range plans, major fundraising campaigns, outstanding student achievements, with emphasis in global education, student research, embracing lives of service and fostering PLU’s Lutheran Heritage.

“Working together the campus community has realized so many important dreams,” Anderson said. “All of us together have sharpened and focused our mission as a Lutheran university. Together we have achieved our goals to cultivate academic excellence, to enhance our global perspective, to build an engaged community and to nurture life as vocation in the fullest sense.

“Our community has turned these dreams into the reality of fiscal strength, balanced budgets, and enrollment stability while ensuring broad access to our programs for all.”

Since starting in 1992, Anderson has taken part in 53 PLU Commencements. This will be the 106th Spring Commencement at PLU.

For more information on Spring Commencement go HERE.

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