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Philosophy Lecture: ‘Ruined by Talking’

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Philosophy Lecture: ‘Ruined by Talking’

The Spring Philosophy Lecture “Ruined by Talking: Kieregaard on Language, Nature, and Communications” will take place at 7 p.m., Tuesday, April 24 in Morken 103.

Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy Sergia Hay will give the address. The lecture will exam both Danish philosopher SØren Kierkegaard’s sharp criticism of human language and his praise for the communicative skills of non-human life. Does language give humans an advantage over other creatures? Kierkegaard has a surprising answer.

Kierkegaard argues that genuine communication must be expressed in one’s being rather than through one’s words. Non-human creatures are therefore communicative exemplars for Kierkegaard, since they have no choice but to be what they mean.

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