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Artifact Day gives the community a chance to learn about their hidden treasures

Jesse Major ’14

The Parkland community is invited to learn more about artifacts they have inherited, collected from their property, or acquired in any other way on the first Artifact Day.

Artifact Day, hosted by the students of Anthropology 487, will take place on Jan. 25 in Xavier Hall 201 at Pacific Lutheran University from 5:30-8:30 pm.

This event is meant to reach out to the public and allow students to learn the public perception of archeology while explaining about archaeology.

“We are encouraging people to bring their artifacts to the university so we can give them information about their artifacts and to give us more information about archeology in Pierce County, “ Professor Amanda Taylor said.

The archeology class is preparing for the event by learning more about local archeology and learning the laws and rules about cultural resources in Washington.

The class sent flyers to libraries, historical societies and local churches. They are also advertising through word of mouth.

“With this kind of experiment, we don’t know if a lot or a few will come,”  Taylor said. “But we are curious to find out.”

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