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We’ve got the music; do you have the lyrics?

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PLU Alma Mater score - We've got the music; do you have the lyrics?

We’ve got the music; do you have the lyrics?

PLU’s new alma mater tune premiered Sept. 12 at Chapel – or, more accurately, part of it did: As lovely as it is, it won’t be quite complete without lyrics. That’s where you come in.

The entire PLU community is encouraged to submit lyrics for our new alma mater tune, composed by Music Professor Gregory Youtz as the beginning of his new Lutheran Recessional.

Audio Clip
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Take a listen, gather inspiration from the score and submit your lyrics below. The winning lyricist will receive a gift certificate for two to Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle, courtesy of KPLU.

PLU Alma Mater

Get the score HERE.


Alma Mater Lyrics Submission

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