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Open to Interpretation: Advocacy (Episode 1)

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Open to Interpretation Hosted by Amy Young, This Episode's Guests: Justin Eckstein and Kevin O'Brien

TACOMA, WASH. (August 24, 2015)- Hosted by Associate Professor of Communication Amy Young, “Open to Interpretation” is a new podcast devoted to exploring the meanings and implications of words commonly used in the news, on social media and on college campuses.

The inaugural episode of OTI is a discussion of the word “advocacy” among Young, Associate Professor of Religion Kevin O’Brien and Clinical Assistant Professor of Communication Justin Eckstein.

Episodes of OTI will be released once per month. If you have feedback, comments or ideas for episodes, please email producer Zach Powers at powerszs@plu.edu.

Amy Young, Kevin O’Brien and Justin Eckstein discuss "advocacy" in KPLU's Tacoma studio.

Communication & Theatre Chair Discusses New PLU Podcast Series

Amy Young
Q&A with ``Open to Interpretation`` host Amy Young

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