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Lute’s Antarctica photo earns national recognition

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McKenna Morin's take on penguins

TACOMA, Wash. (Aug. 4, 2017)— It's been more than a little hot on Pacific Lutheran University's campus this week. With temperatures creeping toward the 100s, one Lute is offering a reprieve with images of something a lot cooler.

McKenna Morin ’19, a communication major, is a finalist in the annual photography contest through Photographer’s Forum magazine. Morin submitted a photo she took during a study away experience in Antarctica with the Wang Center for Global Education earlier this year. The contest receives more than 9,000 entries nationwide and internationally, with submissions from the United States, Canada and 46 other countries.

As a contest finalist, Morin’s image of a penguin pointing its beak to the sky will be published in a hardback book that Photographer’s Forum will distribute nationally. She also has the opportunity to win higher-level awards, she said.

The January Term course in Antarctica and Argentina takes Lutes on a journey to the “end of the earth.” Charles Bergman, professor of English, brings a handful of students to study natural history and environmental literature. Travelers encounter wildlife, including penguins and whales, and experience a balance of hiking and city life in Buenos Aires.

Check out a gallery of Morin’s photos from Antarctica below, and check out her online portfolio. Stay cool, Lutes! And congratulations, McKenna.

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