Goal!! PLU Soccer Teams Bond—and Win—on 10-Day Trip to England

Our trip also re-established a PLU Athletics tradition of teams traveling abroad. It was the first trip for a PLU squad since the mid-1990s. Our main objective while in England was to play together as a team before our season starts in September. As it turned out, our travels through London, Manchester and Liverpool served as the ultimate bonding opportunity,…

PLU Stages Special 125th Anniversary Exhibition at Seattle’s Nordic Heritage Museum

In celebration of PLU’s 125th anniversary, the Scandinavian Cultural Center has created a special exhibition called PLU at 125: Lutheran Education on the Frontier, which will be displayed at the internationally recognized Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood from Sept. 26 to Nov. 10.

Communication & Theatre Chair Amy Young Discusses New PLU Podcast Series

Hosted by Associate Professor of Communication Amy Young, each episode of "Open to Interpretation" will feature unexpected pairings of faculty guests representing all corners of scholarship. Through lively dialogue and debate, “Open to Interpretation” seeks to “remind us that rarely, if ever, can a word’s meaning be reduced to a single understanding.”

Open to Interpretation: Advocacy (Episode 1)

Hosted by Associate Professor of Communication Amy Young, “Open to Interpretation” is a new podcast devoted to exploring the meanings and implications of words commonly used in the news, on social media and on college campuses. The inaugural episode features a discussion of the word “advocacy” between Young, Associate Professor of Religion Kevin O'Brien and Clinical Assistant Professor of Communication…

Former Foss Hall Resident Reflects on the End of an Era

Earlier this year, PLU officials announced that my former residence hall, Foss Hall, would be demolished due to the steep costs of a refurbish and retrofit. It wasn’t long after the university’s announcement that my friends and I began swapping Foss Hall memories via text messages, recounting the coming-of-age episodes of comedy, heartache, indulgence and success we experienced together in…