Tutoring program touches refugees

Tutoring program touches refugees The makeshift classroom buzzed with life as dozens of Somali Bantu children worked with PLU student-volunteers to solve math problems, sound out words and learn their

Developing athletes into leaders

Developing athletes into leaders Jen Thomas ’98, ’99 wears many hats in the PLU athletic department. She’s the assistant athletic director, a senior woman administrator and assistant athletic trainer. She’s

Graduate breaks new ground

Graduate breaks new ground It’s been a whirlwind four years for Candice Hughes ’08.An international student from Trinidad and Tobago, Hughes participated in theater and Dance Ensemble, held leadership roles

Playing in the mud

Playing in the mud Outfitted in waders and armed with oranges, shallow plastic trays and pH testing kits, faculty members and alumni trudged into Clover Creek. Under the watchful guidance

Grads charged to be global citizens

Grads charged to be global citizens At the Spring Commencement ceremony May 25, the Class of 2008 was encouraged to take risks, be global citizens and pass on the legacy

Take a walk with me

A walking tour from a graduating senior about her time at PLU Welcome to PLU! I’m the senior you, and I’ll be your tour guide today. I’ve spent almost four