TSPS MESA & Tacoma Public Utilities-PWR

Summer Internship Program 2022

Purpose: Tacoma/South Puget Sound MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievements) and Tacoma Public Utilities are collaborating this summer to offer: direct on-the-job experience, exposure to a number of key positions and careers at the utility, targeting access to energy and field-related jobs to dynamic and creative Juniors and Seniors. This will be a 3 weeks summer internship program.

Benefits: Work with various professional at TPU-Power│Earn a meaningful work experience and explore careers at the utility │ Stipend will be provided once internship is complete.

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will be introduced to the electric power system at Tacoma Power and learn about the key components of the power system from where energy is generated, how it is transmitted, and then distributed to the end user/customer.
  • Students will be introduced to TPU’s work in upgrading the system’s communication infrastructure and technology to an advanced metering system learning about the benefits of the technology, and opportunities and progress with the system wide project;
  • Students will be introduced to the work Tacoma Power is engaged in the field of electrification and reducing the carbon footprint of our organization, and our community.
  • Students will be provided an opportunity to shadow and experience some key functional areas and careers at Tacoma Power, specifically in Fleet, Warehouse, Meter Shop, Computer Science, energy conservation, and the Line and Wire crafts.

Who can apply: Upcoming juniors and seniors as of Fall 2022 will be considered. Must be 18 years and older to be eligible.

Program Date: July 11th-29th, 2022

Internship Length: 3 weeks during the summer, total of 20-30-hour experience

Internship Schedule:

Orientation Day: Wednesday July 6th (12:30pm-2pm) at TPU. Students will be prepared and equipped with skills and knowledge that will get them ready for the internship.
Week 1 (July 11th- 15th): Power System
Week 2 (July 18th-22nd): Technology & Customer Experience
Week 3 (July 25th- 29th): Electrification and the Future of Energy

Registration Deadline: Friday, July 1st, 2022

Questions: For further questions please contact Toniqua Bouie at bouietm@plu.edu. We have 10 spots open and this is a first come first serve.