Volunteer to help at MESA Day

MESA Day can not happen without our wonderful volunteers. Every year we need 100 volunteers to facilitate the various competitions as either Judges or as Score Keepers. If you would like to Volunteer to help at MESA Day, click the link below and fill out the registration form.


 Saturday, March 7th, 2020 from 9:00am-2:00pm at Pacific Lutheran University

If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact Toniqua Bouie at bouietm@plu.edu or 253-535-7190.

MESA DAY Volunteer Descriptions

Competition Judge

Assigned to one MESA DAY competition for entire event. Observes student competitions, identifies rule violations, and provides a score to student competitors based on MESA DAY rules. Plays a critical role in ensuring students have a positive experience at MESA DAY and maintaining the pace of the event.

Competition Runner

Provides assistance in various areas as determined by the Command Center Manager and Lead Judge. Often helps with last-minute tasks.

Competition Scorekeeper

Assigned to one MESA DAY competition for entire event. Helps students fill out score sheets and helps manage the flow of teams. This person is someone who is comfortable with computers and can enter data from score sheets into either Excel or a scoring program. Ensures electronic score sheet is accurate and completed within the specified time frame. At the end of the competition, delivers electronic score sheet to the Lead Scorekeeper.

Lunch Room Assistant

Assist MESA staff with unloading food for all students and volunteers. Serves food and beverages to all students.

Set-Up Team

Assists MESA staff in setting up various competitions in various locations on PLU’s campus. This occurs the day before the event on March 6th. Note: One can be apart of the Set-Up Team as well as fulfill other volunteer roles during MESA DAY.

Registration Team/ Check-In

Assigned to Olson Gym for a specified time frame. Registers each school as they first arrive to the event. Ensure each teacher receives all registration paperwork as well as snacks for each student.

Hospitality Room Assistant

Assigned to the Hospitality Room for the entire event. Registers volunteers as they first come to the event. Ensures each volunteer is given their registration packet and the location of their volunteer role. Monitors and maintains the area assigned to volunteers to relax, store belongings, mingle, and eat. Help is needed for set-up and breakdown as well as overall monitoring.

Break-Down Team

Assist MESA staff in breaking down various competitions in various locations on PLU’s campus around 2:00pm – 3:00pm.

NASA Competition Volunteer

Assigned to the NASA Competition hosted in partnership with the Tacoma STEAM Network and UWT. Volunteers might observe student competitions, provides a score to students based on criteria, and provide assistance in various areas.